If you operate in the B2B sector, is it taking too long for customers to pay you? Are you paying the bills for the next 30 days of trading on the invoices you issued two or three months ago?

Archeo&Futura have worked with many companies on reducing the effects of extended debtor days through a combination of the use of invoice financing facilities, and increasing supplier days.

In addition to these two methods of relieving pressure on cash flow, we can also work with you on late payment issues. The credit control team at Archeo&Futura can –

• send out your invoices

• issue credit terms

• chase two days before debts become due

• chase again when debts become overdue

• keep late-paying customers on your side

Our credit control and invoice collection service that’s friendly, persistent and dedicated to making sure you get paid as soon as possible.

Every time we’ve worked with customers on cash flow management, the solution was as individual as the business. We’ll keep monitoring at all times the level of money outstanding to you, how long it takes to come in, and methods of reducing the financial damage caused by late payment.

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