Company secretarial services & business support

"Looking after day-to-day operations for the UK business."

A full range of company formation, registered office, business support, and statutory documentation filing services

Despite the UK being a light-touch, low-regulation economy, if you’re from overseas, there will be much about the country’s regulatory, taxation, and legal systems that you are yet to discover.

Working with you, we’ll establish your corporate structure in the way that’s most advantageous to your business goals, keeping all of your records and filings up to date with HRMC, Companies House, and other bodies.

Day to day, we’ll provide a full range of support services including answering the phones, diarising appointments, taking orders, handling enquiries and complaints, and forwarding communications. When you choose us to handle these areas of managing your business, you can concentrate on your plans to grow your presence here in the UK.

Please read more about our company secretarial and business support services below.

Company Secretarial Services

Company Formation

Archeo&Futura have registered 1,000s of companies with the relevant authorities since 2005.

Our understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the different type of company structure mean that, because we know what you want from your UK business over the coming years, we’ll set up a structure that fits around your plans in the most legally and financially condusive way.

Over time, as your business develops, you’ll see real benefits to this. It may make sense to split up trading and investment divisions of your UK operations. If you are investing in assets, particularly property, it may be worth ringfencing them either singularly into their own companies or grouping them together.

Whatever your plans going forward, our team will ensure that the companies you form and the structures these companies belong to provide ongoing and repeating advantages for you.

Registered Office & Business Support

Our registered office and business support services takes away the day-to-day from you when you’re setting up and growing your UK business.

You will know from the businesses you have in other countries about the level of work and staffing needed to do the everyday things that keep a company running and responsive to its staff, its customers, and other interested parties.

We will take away the necessities of answering the phones (in multiple languages), the forwarding of letter, emails, faxes, and telexes, registered agents, general administration, business processes, data entry, data input, order fulfilment, order taking, receptionist services, and more.

Let us know what you, as owner, need to be informed of without delay and we’ll do that. For everything else, we’ll inform the most suitable person in your company either within the UK or overseas.

Filing of Statutory Documents

We will complete and file all of the statutory documentation required when you’re doing business in Britain.

filing statutory documentsThe advantage to your business is that it can concentrate on consolidation and growth while we take care of:

• Preparing financial accounts for Companies House
• Your confirmation statement to Companies House
• HMRC registration and filing requirements
• Company constitution issues as required under Chapter 3 of Part 3 of the Companies Act 2006.
• Larger EEA and non-EEA groups
• Charge instruments
• Valuation reports
• Articles of association.
• Memoranda of association.
• Court orders
• Director appointment or termination
• Registered office information
• Documents relating to overseas companies

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