marketingIn order to give your product or service the best chance from launch, we undertake a full marketing strategy project as part of our service.

Every single new product or service, whether it’s unique or whether it’s something that will face a lot of competition from similar offerings from launch, needs a marketing strategy built around it that positions it correctly for potential customers.

How this will benefit your project is through a detailed knowledge of your product or service’s place in the market and how to take the maximum profitable advantage thereby making sure no time or money is wasted targeting under-returning market sectors and channels.

We consider:

• How to meet and exceed customer expectations of your product and service
• How and where your product or service will be used
• Do you have all the features in your product customers expect?
• Have you built in some features they don’t want or need that reduce your profit margin?
• The name of your product – will it work in Britain?
• Product variations and key differences from competing products
• Pricing information and perceived value
• Where potential customers would expect to find your product or service and the most efficient and cost-effective ways to place your product or service in those locations
• What size of sales force do you need and what’s your online strategy?
• Most effective times and channels for promotion and using promotion to demonstrate difference from competitors.
• Products and services to launch first and much more.

At the end of the process, you’ll benefit from not only the thorough analysis of your proposition but from comparisons against competitor propositions, how and when potential customers interact with a product or service like yours, how to promote a positive message about your product or service, and how to make sure it finds its way to the places where customers can see it.

Great placement, great promotion.

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