One of the first Archeo&Futura services prior to your launch in the UK is to secure you the right premises.

The advantage of this to you is that, through our team’s knowledge of the country’s infrastructure and transport networks, we can place you where your most profitable customers and your most productive staff are likely to be found.

office researchThis will save you a lot of time and reduce your initial operational costs. As we understand your business, its processes, its stocking requirements, and its operational needs, we’ll be able to identify the ideal location or locations for maximum:

• Public visibility,
• Prestige,
• Ease of access for staff, visitors, and customers,
• Working space requirements, and
• Potential tax breaks for establishing in a specific location.

Our experienced team will assist you with negotiating the best leasing or purchasing terms for your premises. Once your location has been decided, the Archeo&Futura client relationship team will then negotiate prices on and arrange for the installation of networking, desking, cabling, IT, utilities, furniture, premises refurbishment, and other infrastructure requirements.

Archeo&Futura constantly monitors and reports on your company’s fixed costs and how to lower them as part of our progress and growth service.

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