In the UK, it’s now widely recognised that, except for the very largest companies, it makes more sense to hand over the responsibility of running payroll to a service like Archeo&Futura.

We assist clients in –

• Calculating the right amount you need to pay staff including the correct level of deductions,
• The accurate recording of salaries, commissions, and benefits, and
• Applying the right tax code for each employee.

We make sure that you benefit from the £3,000 Employer Allowance, you correctly follow and apply the rules and regulations set out by the Pensions Regulator, and that you submit and pay PAYE accurately and on time.

payrollIn addition, our service offers –

• Registration as an employer with HRMC
• Enrolment of individual members of staff
• Evidence showing payments and deductions
• Real Time Information compliance
• Handling of student loan repayments, attachment of earnings orders, and more
• Correct tax code allocation
• P45 handling
• Leaver paperwork
• Registration as an employer with Pensions Regulator
• Registering and de-registering staff for pensions
• Payslips.

Getting people’s pay wrong is easy to do given the complexity of the UK system and adversely affects staff morale. It takes a lot of time, especially if you’re running weekly payrolls.

Benefit by handing your payroll and its associated notification and compliance requirements to Archeo&Futura.

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