Archeo&Futura offers a full range of personal taxation services designed to minimise your contribution using transparent and lawful means cleared for use by HMRC.

The advantage of working with an established HMRC agent like Archeo&Futura is that we can take even the most complex personal tax affairs ensuring that every advantage is applied to reduce your exposure.

How this produces the best result for our clients is that they receive most favourable tax treatments on income from many different sources, including –

• Salary and dividend split
• Rental income from property
• Capital gains proceeds (including from the sale of residential property)
• Family tax planning (if family members are to be shareholders and employees of your UK venture)
• Tax-efficient pension contributions
• Inheritance tax planning
• Business property relief (with a view to inheritance tax mitigation)
• Tax credits
• Income shifting
• Tax-efficient investments (for example, SEIS and EIS)
• Deeds of variation
• UK tax residence
• Gift Aid donations

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