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"Information and analysis of your business performance plus access to a network of active, skilled, and talented funders and investors"

Growth & Progress services

Continuous updates on every aspect of your business growth. Every number and metric you need to make the right decision to move your enterprise forward.

Archeo&Futura’s investment in technology and the business acumen of our chartered accountants and advisors means that you will always have crucial trading, operating, and financial data to base your decisions around.

The type of management and financial accounting and reporting we can do for you is only limited by your imagination. If you have specific ways of measuring performance in your businesses outside the UK, you can let us know what they are and we can build them into our models for you. That will save you and your team in the UK a lot of time as well as being much less expensive than having your own in-house team of chartered accountants.

The types of insights we’re most often asked to provide our clients includes –

How profitable are you?

Particularly with international companies often dealing in a number of different currencies and accounting systems with conflicting rules, this can be a difficult question for many management teams to get to grips with.

We can provide detailed analysis into your company’s profit and free cash flow in systems as diverse as UK GAAPs, IFRS, US GAAPs, and French GAAPs. We’re also able to compare the contribution or cost of specific currency and country transactions to those figures.

What is holding back your profit?

Are you spending £1m a month on Department X to produce you £100,000 profit but spending £2m a month on Department Y to make £50,000 profit?

All profit is good but if your cash is being targeted on departments, products, or teams that produce a lower percentage return, that puts your overall profitability more at risk.

Is your business doing too much? Is it always chasing the last extra sale and is that taking away money that could be spent on developing departments, products, and teams that could double, treble, or more your profit per pound spent? We can analyse every department, team, product, service, and more within your business to help you make future investment decisions.

Fixed costs vs Variable costs

Are your fixed costs too high in the UK meaning that you’re having to use a lot of operating leverage to achieve profitability? And once you do get to profit, are you finding it difficult to grow the level of profitability because of some other related expansion cost, like high levels of recruitment to find the right people to bring you in the extra profit?

Is there another way of doing this? Can you shift some of your fixed costs across to variable costs without weakening your proposition, demoralising staff, or affecting customer service?

Archeo&Futura will examine every aspect of your fixed and variable costs presenting you with alternative visions on the way forward that fit in with your financial goals and the way you like to do business. We will work with you to find new suppliers ensuring that your costs are lower and that the quality of the products or services you buy in remains just as high.

Is asset management tying up your cashflow?

Are you holding more than 60 days’ stock? Do you need to hold that much? Of the stock you’re holding, is the majority of it fast-moving or slow-moving? How you handle stock and inventory issues in your business can tie up hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in cash that could generate a faster return.

Do you still need of all of your infrastructure? Is there a way for the company to keep its shape and its reach but without committing so much cash on a monthly basis to the maintenance and upkeep of that infrastructure, whether buildings, machinery, stock, or personnel?

Work with us to make every spending decision justify itself in respect of available cash and the return on cash.

Capital Structure

Is your funding structure still working for you? Is it time to re-invest in the business but you want to do so in a way that minimises either debt servicing payments or the amount of equity you give away to investors? Does the business have assets it can sell and lease back for cash to grow the business?

Work with us on a plan to fit your capital structure to where you want your business to be one to five years from now.

Cash flow management

If you operate in the B2B sector, is it taking too long for customers to pay you? Are you paying the bills for the next 30 days of trading on the invoices you issued two or three months ago?

Archeo&Futura have worked with many companies on reducing the effects of extended debtor days through a combination of the use of invoice financing facilities, and increasing supplier days.

In addition to these two methods of relieving pressure on cash flow, we can also work with you on late payment issues. The credit control team at Archeo&Futura can –

• send out your invoices

• issue credit terms

• chase two days before debts become due

• chase again when debts become overdue

• keep late-paying customers on your side

Our credit control and invoice collection service that’s friendly, persistent and dedicated to making sure you get paid as soon as possible.

Every time we’ve worked with customers on cash flow management, the solution was as individual as the business. We’ll keep monitoring at all times the level of money outstanding to you, how long it takes to come in, and methods of reducing the financial damage caused by late payment.

The Benefits of Budgeting

Budgeting and the regular review of your company’s budgeting gives scope for your business to plan its cost base out to be leaner and more efficient in the medium-to-long term. Better cost management allied to best practice in your sales, marketing, and fulfilment efforts can substantially increase the profits you take doing the same level of business you’re doing now.

Budgeting allows you and your UK management team to question the basis of the company’s activities, service and product offering, and structure. Constant questioning improves profitability and stability when it is answered by reasoning backed up by the very latest financial and operational information.

Work with Archeo&Futura’s chartered accountants and business advisors on all areas of budgeting, including funding planning, the allocation of cash based upon the value to the business of assets and availability of working capital, and the removal of bottlenecks in your enterprise.

All of this analysis comes as part of the service. Read below to find out more about our management accounting and how we can access corporate finance for you.

Customer Acquisition & Retention costs by marketing approach

Forensic analysis on the costs of acquiring a new customer by each marketing method, even down to the individual sales rep who persuaded the customer to take your service. Where should you be allocating your marketing resources to generate the greatest number of leads? And when you have those leads, which departments and individuals should be responsible for making the sale to the customer?

With many sales and marketing departments, countless leads are wasted at great cost because they are not given to the right people. Equally, companies spend hundreds of millions of pounds a year on marketing channels that either show a loss or barely break even.

How we work

Management Accounting

Use the information Archeo&Futura are constantly collecting and processing about your business. You’ll have the advantage of making much better-informed business decisions about how to run your company over the coming weeks, months, and years with the very latest accounting information detailing

your performance, including sales, cost of sales, staff costs, profit/loss, cash flow and more.

Benefit from knowing if your company and individual departments are perfomring to target and whether your current level of sales and costs will be enough for you to meet your projections and forecasts.

The level of detail that Archeo&Futura can produce forecasts to is only limited by the information we put into the system.

Because we’re Chartered Accountants, we want everything to be included in detail for every entry in your books meaning that the level of analysis we can provide you with is vast.

All you have to do is ask us what you want to find out and, assuming the information is recorded separately in your system, we can find out the answer for you.

Access to corporate finance

In the last 5-10 years, business financing in the UK has grown exponentially and Archeo&Futura offer a full service to assist you and your business in finding the level and type of funding you want.

Whether it’s a standard business loan, a form of tax-incentivised investment, an angel or an investment firm, Archeo&Futura have a network of contacts in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, and all major conurbations who can facilitate an introduction to the funders and investors you want to work with.

Archeo&Futura have experience in setting up investments for both SEIS and EIS purposes meaning that the risks investors perceive they take putting money into your company are offset by generous income tax and capital gains tax incentives.

Access to funding is part of Archeo&Futura’s progress and growth services.

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