Once we’ve reviewed your business plan, Archeo&Futura’s team carry out a full feasibility study.

The advantage of this approach is that, before you commit any significant time and resources into a move to the UK, we can fully test the viability of the project in a marketplace which is new to your company.

This benefits you by giving you the latest and most accurate information on whether the technical resources are currently available for you to commit to your business plan as it stands now. If not everything is there, we will advise you on how to overcome this.

We’ll also further examine the likely set-up costs, ongoing fixed costs and the level of potential future profitability for your business in the UK and compare it to your original forecasts. We’ll also consult with project-specific counsel to make sure that you know the rules you’ll be operating under in the UK with specific regard to product efficacy, product testing, legal requirements you have to meet in production, marketing, sales, and more.

We’ll present you with an operational feasibility study showing you how well your project fits in with your existing international business structure and resources so that you have a working plan on the nature and scope of any changes and additions you need to make to give your project the greatest chance of success.

Also, we look at how long will your project take and the financial investment required for its preparation, its eventual set-up, and what length of time will it take to get to breakeven and profit.

The answers to all of these questions will then be included in the adjusted business plan we present to you for achieving the goals you have set for your expansion into the UK.

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