Archeo&Futura will implement a detailed sales, marketing, and business development plan.

The advantages to your company from this exercise will be a roll-out of both your product/service and your business infrastructure in a timely manner with costs kept under control aiming for immediate sales and turnover maximisation.

Using the information we gather from the feasibility study, we’ll examine the best routes to market, pricing up the alternatives, presenting advantages and disadvantages of each particular approach.

An internet presence is now indispensable for any marketing approach. You’ll benefit from our work in establishing your online retail and sales medium backed up by highly effective relevant natural search and pay-for-click marketing. This will form part of an overall approach to marketing including printed materials and distribution thereof and if needed, marketing data lists for direct approaches to potential customers.

This plan will weigh up the relative merits of using appointed agents (who we can locate) or salaried and commissioned staff to push sales direct to stockists, wholesalers, or end users.

Speed of execution of delivery is also a major consideration both for its cost implications and the effect on customer services. Whether your product or service can be delivered to your target customer base from one central source or if you need to roll out regional presence to achieve the same, Archeo&Futura will present you with a series of costed recommendations with timescales so that you have the very best chance of achieving your business goals.

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