"Detailed, methodical work to take your UK expansion project from the planning stage right up until the first day of UK trading and beyond."

Archeo & Futura Set-up and Launch

Archeo & Futura’s set-up and launch services include expansion feasibility studies, marketing, sales, business development, office research, staff recruitment, and cross-border acquisition

Archeo&Futura offer a full set-up and launch service, taking your project from the earliest planning stages right up until the day your UK business launches and beyond.

Everything is considered. How to package your product and service for a UK audience, how to deliver it, your staffing requirements, where you’ll be located, distribution channels, sales force versus self-employed agents, office location and set-up. Would it be better for you to expand into the UK by buying a company based in the country?

The real benefits this brings to companies looking to establish themselves in the UK are vast. You will save a lot of time and you won’t spend the first few months constantly re-packaging your product or service so that it suits local and national tastes.

You’ll find a way to get your product or service in front of buyers when they’re ready to make a purchase. Your distribution chain will be tight, responsive, and efficient. You’ll hit the ground running with the staff you need to ensure the quickest chance of success possible.

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Project Feasibility

Project Feasibility

Once we’ve reviewed your business plan, Archeo&Futura’s team carry out a full feasibility study.

The advantage of this approach is that, before you commit any significant time and resources into a move to the UK, we can fully test the viability of the project in a marketplace which is new to your company.

This benefits you by giving you the latest and most accurate information on whether the technical resources are currently available for you to commit to your business plan as it stands now. If not everything is there, we will advise you on how to overcome this.

We’ll also further examine the likely set-up costs, ongoing fixed costs and the level of potential future profitability for your business in the UK and compare it to your original forecasts. We’ll also consult with project-specific counsel to make sure that you know the rules you’ll be operating under in the UK with specific regard to product efficacy, product testing, legal requirements you have to meet in production, marketing, sales, and more.

We’ll present you with an operational feasibility study showing you how well your project fits in with your existing international business structure and resources so that you have a working plan on the nature and scope of any changes and additions you need to make to give your project the greatest chance of success.

Also, we look at how long will your project take and the financial investment required for its preparation, its eventual set-up, and what length of time will it take to get to breakeven and profit.

The answers to all of these questions will then be included in the adjusted business plan we present to you for achieving the goals you have set for your expansion into the UK.



In order to give your product or service the best chance from launch, we undertake a full marketing strategy project as part of our service.

Every single new product or service, whether it’s unique or whether it’s something that will face a lot of competition from similar offerings from launch, needs a marketing strategy built around it that positions it correctly for potential customers.

How this will benefit your project is through a detailed knowledge of your product or service’s place in the market and how to take the maximum profitable advantage thereby making sure no time or money is wasted targeting under-returning market sectors and channels.

We consider:

• How to meet and exceed customer expectations of your product and service
• How and where your product or service will be used
• Do you have all the features in your product customers expect?
• Have you built in some features they don’t want or need that reduce your profit margin?
• The name of your product – will it work in Britain?
• Product variations and key differences from competing products
• Pricing information and perceived value
• Where potential customers would expect to find your product or service and the most efficient and cost-effective ways to place your product or service in those locations
• What size of sales force do you need and what’s your online strategy?
• Most effective times and channels for promotion and using promotion to demonstrate difference from competitors.
• Products and services to launch first and much more.

At the end of the process, you’ll benefit from not only the thorough analysis of your proposition but from comparisons against competitor propositions, how and when potential customers interact with a product or service like yours, how to promote a positive message about your product or service, and how to make sure it finds its way to the places where customers can see it.

Great placement, great promotion.

Sales and Business Development

Sales and Business Development

Archeo&Futura will implement a detailed sales, marketing, and business development plan.

The advantages to your company from this exercise will be a roll-out of both your product/service and your business infrastructure in a timely manner with costs kept under control aiming for immediate sales and turnover maximisation.

Using the information we gather from the feasibility study, we’ll examine the best routes to market, pricing up the alternatives, presenting advantages and disadvantages of each particular approach.

An internet presence is now indispensable for any marketing approach. You’ll benefit from our work in establishing your online retail and sales medium backed up by highly effective relevant natural search and pay-for-click marketing. This will form part of an overall approach to marketing including printed materials and distribution thereof and if needed, marketing data lists for direct approaches to potential customers.

This plan will weigh up the relative merits of using appointed agents (who we can locate) or salaried and commissioned staff to push sales direct to stockists, wholesalers, or end users.

Speed of execution of delivery is also a major consideration both for its cost implications and the effect on customer services. Whether your product or service can be delivered to your target customer base from one central source or if you need to roll out regional presence to achieve the same, Archeo&Futura will present you with a series of costed recommendations with timescales so that you have the very best chance of achieving your business goals.

Office Research

Office Research

One of the first Archeo&Futura services prior to your launch in the UK is to secure you the right premises.

The advantage of this to you is that, through our team’s knowledge of the country’s infrastructure and transport networks, we can place you where your most profitable customers and your most productive staff are likely to be found.

office researchThis will save you a lot of time and reduce your initial operational costs. As we understand your business, its processes, its stocking requirements, and its operational needs, we’ll be able to identify the ideal location or locations for maximum:

• Public visibility,
• Prestige,
• Ease of access for staff, visitors, and customers,
• Working space requirements, and
• Potential tax breaks for establishing in a specific location.

Our experienced team will assist you with negotiating the best leasing or purchasing terms for your premises. Once your location has been decided, the Archeo&Futura client relationship team will then negotiate prices on and arrange for the installation of networking, desking, cabling, IT, utilities, furniture, premises refurbishment, and other infrastructure requirements.

Archeo&Futura constantly monitors and reports on your company’s fixed costs and how to lower them as part of our progress and growth service.

Staff Recruitment

Staff Recruitment

staff recruitmentWe are very experienced in finding staff at all levels for companies expanding into the UK.

With all your new UK staff, particularly those at board or senior management level, it’s absolutely important to ensure that the leaders and staff that you on-board understand your business vision, your development strategy, and your corporate mission, culture, and values. Archeo&Futura screens for these qualities from the start of the recruitment process right through to the final interview and eventual candidate selection.

These are the colleagues we find for you and who you need to successfully start and run your UK operations based upon the areas of business need you and we agreed on during the feasibility study.

For companies new to the UK, being able to plug into our extensive network of highly-regarded and -experienced recruitment professionals means that money and time will be saved because the right people will be placed in a role that they can perform very well in and which meets your business set-up and growth goals.

If needed, we can work with a trusted headhunter to place your C-level executives.

When your company is in its first few weeks and months of trading in the UK, Archeo&Futura’s knowledge of the financial and legal requirements surrounding the employment of staff will ensure that your recruitment and retention is carried out correctly from the start. We’ll ensure that you’re not overpaying for staff or employing staff you don’t need.

Cross-border Acquisition

Cross-border Acquisition

We offer access to be on-market and off-market opportunities to clients looking to expand their products and services into the UK.

How this helps is that you can take over the existing premises, staff, infrastructure, and client books of established UK businesses without having to establish all of those yourself from a standing start.

There are many real advantages to this approach. More often than not, we will be able to identify owners of businesses in the same or related sectors who wish to divest themselves of their shares in their company. Some will be doing so from a poor cash position meaning that you may be able to purchase an established business for a relatively small outlay.

cross border acquisitionBuying a trading business means you will benefit from immediate cashflows into your UK division. You’ll be able to take your company’s products and services and introduce them into a client base where trust exists between the buyers and your target company.

The process of identifying and buying a UK company can take as little as 3 months if there is determination on both sides to do the deal. We will work with you to identify the most cost-effective and time-sensitive commercial solicitors and valuers to ensure that due diligence does not hold up the process.

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